Learning to Dance

The 5 college experience has been vital to my time at CMC. I began college as a chemistry major, but took advantage of the consortium to take classes at the surrounding schools. I began to discover my passion for dance during these off-campus classes, but I was hesitant to drop my science major and commit Read More

Middle East Meets Mex

I came to Cairo last year to teach and improve my Arabic. Egyptian food is delicious, but a little monotonous. It needed a kick. A friend and I came up with the idea for Gringo’s Burrito Grill. We pooled our resources and opened in January 2012, serving customizable burritos bursting with fire-grilled chicken and steak, Read More

I am CMC, a Unique Guinea Pig, Teacher, Veteran

It all started one May morning. The phone stirred me from a deep slumber and tossed me into a world I will never forget. “Hello, yes, is this Jesse, I thought, surely a prank call. The Claremont Colleges (CMC) calling me, sure”. On the third call back I listen to the caller tell me I Read More

Bridging the Gap: Generations of CMC

Bob Walker ’64 commandeers a campus tour and shares why he still comes back to CMC every year!

This chica is going to Chile!

The first time I ever met Bill Asher, we shared dinner at the Ath. He asked all of us a seemingly innocent question–what do you want to do? I quickly piped, “Something with sustainability.” He asked for clarification on what I meant. I spent the next four years trying to sort through what in fact Read More

Stag Swim

I am a professional fundraiser helping the next generation of students follow their dreams I am a father to three beautiful daughters (Perhaps future CMC classes of 2027 and 2029) I am a cancer survivor I am a government major I am a Stag swim, water polo and dive alumni I am a five time Read More

What could you do with a dollar?

To learn more about Living on One please visit www.livingonone.org. Check out Zach & Chris’s blog from their trip here.

Technology and International

When I graduated sexy subjects were international and technology. UC Berkeley gave me an MBA with an emphasis on international finance and System Development Corporation gave me detailed technical training. I wrote for SDC the program that the defense department used to translate 2nd generation source code into into instructions that would work on 3rd Read More

CMC Makes Greats

CMC made me a UC Berkeley MSW graduate, founder of a nonprofit organization (Shining Daughters), an active volunteer in the Compton/Watts community, and a leader at my church (One Church International – Los Angeles). And I’m not even 30 years old. CMC nurtures students in a way unparalleled by any other undergraduate school I’ve heard Read More

A Road Map

As a WWII vet., married,a son, in need of an education CMC was my choice. CMC made a Road Map for me. This road map guided – exposed – me to the vast ‘technologies’ required for an intelligent living future. A long future of “WHAT DO I BELIEVE IN. WHAT DO I STAND FOR. Point Read More