A Road Map

By Philip W. Marshall, Sr. '50

As a WWII vet., married,a son, in need of an education CMC was my choice.
CMC made a Road Map for me. This road map guided – exposed – me to the vast
‘technologies’ required for an intelligent living future. A long future of “WHAT DO I
BELIEVE IN. WHAT DO I STAND FOR. Point and counter point. With the ongoing
search of “technologies” (CMC road map) developes your “techniques” YOU.
The class of 1950 is long past – but the need to read, read, explore is the main highway
of my CMC road map.. At 85 yrs.- married to Sally for 78+ yrs.; 2 kids; 6 grand kids and
6 great-grand-kids it has been for a successful trip following this CMC road map–
backed up with substatial $$$$ support to CMC.
CMC took a chance on me –I took a chance on them that paid off vastly for me.

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