Learning to Dance

By Chinelo Ikejimba '12

The 5 college experience has been vital to my time at CMC. I began college as a chemistry major, but took advantage of the consortium to take classes at the surrounding schools. I began to discover my passion for dance during these off-campus classes, but I was hesitant to drop my science major and commit to dance entirely. The CMC emphasis on being an innovative leader, however, gave me the courage to perceive the trials of “the struggling artist” as career challenges that I could overcome. And the support of close friends from across the 5Cs helped me understand the importance of directing my skills and talents to a creative field that I love. I believe that a leader must focus on developing in areas where they have the most confidence and the strongest support system. I wouldn’t have had the conviction to switch my major without the resources of the 5Cs and the relationships I built across them.

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