The pool.

When I visited CMC I did not know what to expect. I fell in love with the pool. I interviewed with the admissions office and I expressed my reservations about my applying. I did not have high test scores. My interviewer assured me they would not be a problem. Sure enough, I got in. After Read More

After graduating CMC, I found myself dissatisfied with my career path. I took the time to sit down and really think about what I wanted to do with my life. I realized that CMC had always shoved the idea of being a leader down my throat, and so I wanted to lead in my own Read More

The word “Legacy”

While the word “legacy” is frequently tossed off in careless fashion with little thought to its deeper significance, to me it carries a double-meaning. I view my “legacy” both as something concrete that I can hand down to those students who follow me, and as something intangible – the sense of myself that outlives me Read More

I AM CMC Rally

The I AM CMC rally was held Sunday, April 1st on campus at the outdoor basketball courts near Ducey Gymnasium. Originally planned for Sunday, March 25, the rally was delayed due to inclement weather.  After rescheduling the rally for this past Sunday, the party formally kicked off the student body’s involvement in the I AM CMC Read More

The Ecstasy of Mathematics

I transferred to CMC as a sophomore, after a rather undistinguished start to my college education at a State Unviersity where I had flunked out after a year. An alum and former elementary school teacher of mine encouraged me to apply to CMC, and despite my reservations, I did (although he had to loan me Read More

Best Education Ever

I still remember waking up to a phone call at 8:50 a.m. in the morning from my adviser Professor Riggio who wanted to talk to me personally about my senior thesis. I rolled out of bed, cleaned up, got dressed, and was in his office by 9:00 a.m., and he proceeded to spend about an Read More

Thanks For Taking a Chance on Me

I was a lousy student in high school since I was busy chatting up girls and playing baseball. When it came time for college, I thought I would waltz into Stanford, Yale or Penn with my friends. Every college turned me down. Except one – CMC. Those rejections lit a fire under me and made Read More

Dean Walker

In late 1981, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Emery Walker, CMC’s Dean of Admissions. He told me, “You have a chance to distinguish yourself at CMC; I interview a lot of potential students, and I can say this to only a very few of them.” His comment stuck with me, inspiring me Read More

Tedx Comes to Claremont

My experience bringing Tedx to the Claremont Community

CMC and “The Matrix”

One of my favorite moments at CMC came as a result of my philosophy class’s discussion about The Matrix last semester. After an hour and a half of incessant arguing about how one might prove the existence of an alternate reality, a few students approached our professor after class to ask his opinion on the Read More