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Quick Check-in at the Halfway Point, by Sophia Patrico

Greetings from Mountain View! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the program. For the students coming up here in the Spring or those thinking about applying in the future, here are some of my observations eight weeks into … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Semester Program: Two Monitors and One Pair of Nikes, by Joe Newbry

I don’t have any idea who, if anyone, will read this post. So with this in mind I’ll try and capture the essence of the first monthish of the Silicon Valley Semester Program in an interesting and insightful way. For … Continue reading

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Hot Potato

SVP Fall 2012 students pass along an iPad to tell the SVP Story. Check out this great video:

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Life on the Silicon Valley Program, by Eric Yee

Hello world.  Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the Silicon Valley Program.  Friends and employers often approach me to get my thoughts on the culture, the people, and the program’s expectations.  For those who have been accepted to SVP … Continue reading

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