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Jorge Ronchi

Jorge Ronchi

  • Length of service: Since 5/27/97

  • Duties: Jorge takes care of the area of campus from the Admissions Office, classrooms down to South Quad dorms. To do this, he does the weeding, the pruning and mowing as well as pest control and monitoring of the irrigation.

    In addition to all of the above, Jorge is our all purpose employee, we haven't found anything that he can't do! He does lining of fields, irrigation repairs, and many miscellaneous projects.

  • Outside interests/hobbies: Jorge is an avid sports enthusiast. Because he played soccer himself, he especially likes to follow soccer, but enjoys many sports.

    Besides that, he spends much of his time working around the house, fixing things up.

    He enjoys movies in his limited leisure time, and hopes to travel in the future.

  • Background: Born in Argentina, Jorge attended school through high school before joining the army for his mandatory 14-month term. When he returned home he worked in a ball bearing company for 10 years as a tool machine fitter. He change companies and then continued at this job until 1 1/2 years later when the economy in Argentine took a steep down turn.

    It became apparent that leaving the country might be necessary. Jorge's uncle in Ontario sponsored him to come to this country and even gave him a job working in his janitorial company. Jorge remained there for 9 years until he launched his own company. He was self-employed until 1997 when he came to work at CMC.

    When asked how he feels about his decision so many years ago, he smiles and says that his children have had opportunities here that would have been very difficult to get in Argentina.

  • Family: Those children are two sons and a daughter; both boys attended UC Riverside, where Jorge's wife works, one son also attended UC Irvine from which he graduated. His daughter currently attends Riverside Community College.

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