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Sigifredo Banuelos

Sigifredo Banuelos

  • Length of service: Since 10/20/03

  • Duties: Sigi is responsible for cleaning, irrigation repairs and the landscape maintenance of the Children School, he also assists fellow workers in the landscape maintenance of the Admissions Office, classrooms areas, etc., he is also responsible for lining athletic fields and for repairs and scheduling of irrigation systems.

  • Outside interests/hobbies: Likes to play soccer, listenning to music and dance with his wife.

  • Background: Sigifredo is a former employee of Collins Dinning Hall, where he worked for seven years first as an assistant cook and then as a porter. Sigi has managed to keep pretty busy, when he was working for the dinning hall also worked as a building attendant in the night shift. Sigi is a native of Nayarit, Mexico he came to this country about 21 years ago.

  • Family: Sigi comes from a large family, he has 10 siblings. He has been married to his wife Maria Eneida for 15 years, they have 1son Wilson who is 14 years old and two dauthers: Elvy 12 years old and Kimberly 6 years old.

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