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The Claremont Colleges Parliamentary Debate Institute for Middle School Debate is scheduled for July 3-8, 2006 . This is a creative, challenging, and fun program providing instruction in the Middle School Public Debate Program (MSPDP) format, the most popular middle school debate program in the nation.

The Claremont Colleges Parliamentary Debate Institute (CCPDI) is designed to facilitate seminar and individual instruction, and group learning. In addition, the program provides numerous opportunities for practice. The schedule includes small group instruction on core elements of parliamentary debating,

including debate theory, case construction and organization, research, refutation, and parliamentary points. The small groups are divided into experience levels (novice and advanced).

The institute has opportunities for individual tutorials, question and comment sessions, group and team work, practicum sessions, and options for additional evening speech and debate practices. In addition, the institute schedule includes extensively critiqued debates, with 3 or more debates each full day. There is also organized recreation and free time to meet new friends each day.

The Program In Brief

Comprehensive debate and public speaking instruction for students of all experience levels

Multiple practice debates each day

Fun programs recreational games, athletics, knowledge bowl, picnics, and more

  College Bridge Experience college life and meet college admissions advisors

Campus Life Students will live and work in supervised facilities at Claremont McKenna College , one of the nation's leading liberal arts institutions.

Curricular Planning The curriculum is designed by Kate Shuster, Executive Director of the MSPDP.


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