Inauguration Prize Competition

An important conversation began during the Inauguration weekend in early October—in the Teach-Out sessions, the panel discussions, the talks, and the artwork—one we hope the CMC community will continue to have throughout this year and beyond. To this end, current Claremont McKenna College students are invited to participate in a competition to produce original work inspired by the inauguration themes, Liberal Arts in Action and The Art and Science of Decision-Making.

Participation may be as individuals or groups, and the projects may take any of the forms below. Guidelines for submissions are also noted.

—Essay (Should not exceed 2,500 words)
—Creative writing (Should not exceed 2,500 words)
—Visual Art
—Music (Should not exceed five minutes)
—Dance (Should not exceed five minutes)
—Video (Should not exceed five minutes)
—Website design
—Mobile App (IOS, Android, or Windows)

Submissions may be uploaded to the Inauguration Prize Competition Sakai Drop Box (100 megabyte file limit) at Your Sakai login will be required. Separately, please complete a submission form for each project submitted. For questions or issues with uploading submissions, please contact the Inauguration Office for assistance.

Take inspiration from one or more of the Inauguration events on October 4-5, and find a way to express how the liberal arts can inform decision-making. Videos from many of the Teach-Outs and panel discussions are available on the Inauguration website for viewing.

Five prizes will be awarded. Judging criteria will include:

—originality in interpreting the concept
—aesthetics (style, craft, execution)

All submissions will be published in the CMC Forum. Prize winners will be honored and will present their projects at various special College events in the spring. Winning projects also will be featured in the CMC magazine.

More information on submission guidelines and requirements will be posted on the Inauguration website by Friday, October 11.

Deadline for submissions: January 24, 2014