Teach Out Sessions and Panel Discussions

Teach Out Sessions and Panel Discussions
How does a liberal arts education enrich and inform decisions in our own lives, and decision-making across various disciplines? The following faculty Teach-Out Sessions and Panel Discussions held Friday, Oct. 4––and devoted to the art and science of decision-making––were part of Liberal Arts in Action: The Inauguration of Hiram E. Chodosh.


Poverty and Growth, Panel Discussion

Political Dysfunction and Democracy, Panel Discussion

Violence and Peace, Panel Discussion

The Pursuit of Happiness, Panel Discussion

Setting Ends and Choosing Means, Panel Discussion

Principles of Biological Chemistry, M. Hatcher-Skeers and B. Thines

The Age of Chivalry, Ellen Rentz

Is Congress a House of Cards? Jack Pitney

Age of Elizabeth I and Shakespeare, Lisa Cody

Probability, Deanna Needell

Disease and Health, Panel Discussion

Advanced Macroeconomics, Cameron Shelton