Information Technology Advisory Board

The Silicon Valley Networking Trip

January 13-18, 2013

SVNT Students 2013

Back (Left to Right) Joe Pon ’89, Matt Richardson ’13, Sean Adler ’13, Igor Tischenko ’13, Ashraf El Gamal ’13, Alex Bentley ’14, Josh Rosenberg ’14, George Davis ’80 P’07, Miles Lifson ’13, Wade Vaughn ’13, and Kelsey Gross ’13. Front (Left to right) Kristin Lim ’13, Priscilla Hsu ’13, Nicole Appleton ’14, Hannah Nooney ’13, Parth Padgaonkar ’13, Lynsey Chediak ’14, Jessica Dang ’13, Koko Huang ’13, Laura Renfroe ’14, Alexandra Sloves ’14, and Sean McQueen ’13

Silicon Valley Networking Trip 2013 Student Delegation

Twenty students were selected from a very competitive applicant pool of eighty-five CMC students.

The SVNT 2013 students included:

Sean Adler '13 Economics & Computer Science
Nicole Appleton '14 Economics, with leadership sequence
Alexander Bentley '14 Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE)
Lynsey Chediak '14 History, with Leadership Sequence
Jessica Dang '13 Psychology (Honors), Leadership Sequence
Ashraf El Gamal '13 Economics
Kelsey Gross '13 Economics
Priscilla Hsu '13 International Relations, Asian American Studies Sequence
Masako (Koko) Huang '13 Biology/Psychology
Miles Lifson '13 Physics & Government
Kristin Lim '13 Economics & Accounting
Sean McQueen '13 Economics & Computer Science
Hannah Nooney '13 Economics and International Relations
Parth Padgaonkar '13 Linguistics & Cognitive Science/ Computer Science
Laura Renfroe '14 Economics and Psychology
Matthew Richardson '13 Literature
Joshua Rosenberg '14 Economics
Alexandra Sloves '14 Math, Economics-Accounting, Master's Program in Finance
Igor Tischenko '13 Economics and International Relations (Honors), Leadership Sequence
Wade Vaughn '13 Economics/Accounting and Literature, Leadership Sequence

Trip Dates:

January 13-18, 2013

Trip HQ:

The Four Seasons Hotel
East Palo Alto, CA

Corporate Hosts:

Applied Materials; Atlassian; Bloom Energy; eBay/PayPal; Electronic Arts; Equinix; Google; Intuit; Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.; Microsoft; One Kings Lane; Zynga


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