Updated January 2001




QUINONES, Ricardo Joseph

605 Purdue Drive

Claremont, CA 91711

(909) 621-7845

Born:  July 9, 1935, Allentown, Pennsylvania


Married Roberta Johnson, January 2, 1998

Children:  Lawrence (1958), Benjamin (1964), Joshua (1966)




Northwestern University, 1953-1957; B.A. English Literature


Université de Clermont-Ferrand (France), 1957-58


Centro di cultura per stranieri, Florence; Summer, 1958


University of Munich, 1958-59


Harvard University, 1959-63; Ph.D. Comparative Literature (English, French, and Italian); Dissertation:  "Views of Time in Shakespeare" (departmental acceptance, August 1963; degree formally conferred March 1964)


Academic Positions


Harvard University:

            Teaching Assistant, Humanities 2, 1960-62

            Tutor, History and Literature, 1962-63


Claremont McKenna College:

            Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, 1963

            Leave of Absence, 1968-69

            Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, 1969

                        (appointment approved, October 30, 1968)

            Professor of English and Comparative Literature, 1975

            Chair, Department of Literature, 1977-80; 1990-92

            Director, Gould Center for Humanistic Studies, 1986-

            Josephine Olp Weeks Professor of Comparative Literature, 1987-


Claremont Graduate Center, 1965


Harvard University:

            Visiting Professor, summer session, 1970


Graduate Center:  CUNY, Visiting Professor, 1970-71

Richmond College

            CUNY, Visiting Professor, Summer session, 1971


University of California, Irvine:

            Summer sessions, 1987-90


University of Kansas

            Distinguished Visiting Professor, 1998-2000


Scholarships, Fellowships and Research Grants


Bonbright scholar as most distinguished student in the Humanities, Northwestern University, 1956-57


Fulbright Scholar to France, 1957-58


Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Harvard, 1959-60


Summer research grant, Claremont McKenna College, 1966, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982


Milton Fellow, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, Summer, 1968


Younger Scholar Fellowship, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1968-69


ACLS Travel grant to the International Society for the Study of Time, Meeting at Mt. Fuji, Japan, Summer, 1973


Summer research grant, Claremont Center for Holistic Studies, 1979


NEH Fellowship, Villa i Tatti Harvard Renaissance Center, January-July, 1981


Mellon Fellowship for new course development, 1984


Professional Societies and Activities


Phi Beta Kappa


Renaissance Society of America


American Comparative Literature Association


Secretary-Treasurer, Southern California Renaissance Conference, 1966-68


Dante Society of America


Program Chair, MLA Comparative Literature 4: 1971 The Renaissance, 1969 Topic: "The End of the Renaissance"


Chair, Executive Committee, MLA Comparative Literature: 1971


Program Co-chair, MLA Seminar, "Time in Romanticism and Modernism," 1975 and "Time in the Enlightenment," 1976


Program Co-chair, MLA Seminar, "The Cain-Abel Theme," 1977


Co-chair, Claremont Colleges Comparative Literature Conference on Modernism, April, 1982


Member, Steering Committee for NEH Reauthorization Project, 1983-84


Member, Planning Committee for National Renaissance Conference, Southern California, 1985


Member, California Council for the Humanities, 1984-88


President, Renaissance Conference of Southern California, 1987-88


Member, Council of the Dante Society of America


Editorial Board, Lectura Dantis, University of Virginia


President, Association of Literary Scholars and Critics (1995)






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