Lowe Institute of Political Economy

Faculty-Student Research Program

The Lowe Institute sponsors faculty-student research projects on a wide range of economic topics over the summer and academic school year. Recent faculty student research projects include studies on the relationship between Chinese asset prices and inflation, the economics of oil shocks and terrorism, an empirical analysis of auction theory using Starbuck gift cards, and the determinants of Indian wars during the nineteenth century.

2013-2014 Affiliated Faculty

David Bjerk
Measuring Inter-Judge Sentencing Disparity

Eric Helland
Disqualification of Federal Judges and Stock Ownership

Manfred Keil
Economic Analysis of the Inland Empire and its Sub-regions

Serkan Ozbeklik
Estimating Peer Effects in Disadvantaged Primary Schools using a Natural Experiment (with Heather Antecol and Ozkan Eren)

Cameron Shelton
Measuring the Effects of Political Connections on Capital Market Inefficiency and Underdevelopment in Russia

Janet Kiholm Smith
Strategic Risk Taking in Competitive Settings: Evidence from PGA Match-Play Tournaments

Marc Weidenmier
Wealth Effects of the Assassination of President William McKinley and the Transfer of Power to Roosevelt in 1901 on Stock Prices

2012 -13 Affiliated Faculty

Heather Antecol
Career and Family Choices Among Elite Liberal Arts Graduates

Hilary Appel
Corporate Tax Trends in Europe

S. Brock Blomberg
Terrorism and the Invisible Hook

Mary Evans
Are Firms Gaming the TRI?  Evidence from Revision Data

Eric Helland
The Welfare Implications of Patent Litigation Settlements

Manfred Keil
Inland Empire Indeces to Analyze Short-Run Economic Activity

Serkan Ozbeklik
Union Threat and Nonuniont Wages:  Evidence from the Case Study of Oklahoma

Janet K. Smith
IPOs, Financial Constraints, Contagion, Supply Chain

Jungmo Yoon
A Bivariate Prediction Region, a Generalized Prediction Interval for Simultaneous Equations Models, and Its Application to Predicting Accounting Frauds

2012-13 Research Assistants

Katerina Abazajian '14
Scott Anderson '15
Sam Blomberg '16
Greyson Blue '13
Charles Blyzniuk '14
Audrey Breitwieser '16
Aviv Caspi '16
Arthur Chang '14
Hye Won Chung '14
Michael Cornell '15
Han Dinh '14
William Dodds '13
Anna Eames '13
Meghan Fueling '16
Marina Giloi '14
Jared Goldberg '16
Isabel Harbaugh '13
Kelsey Helfin '16
Valerie Ho '15
Kyle Johnson '16
Matthew Lee '14
Blake LI '15
Philip Liao '14
Joseph Newbry '14
Kanupriya Rungta '14
Connor Schlegel '15
Yijing Shen '13
Alexandra Sloves '14
Wendalyn Tran '14
Tenzin Tseky '12
Cameron Whiting '15
Vicky Yang '15

Summer 2012 Research Assistants

Nicole Appleton '14
Madeleine Bannon '14
Hye Won Chung '13
Eli Coon '14
Zaoyuan Ge '13
Michael Greim PZR '13
Joseph Stone Newbry '14
Taryn Ohashi SCR '13
Adam Parower HMC '14
Emilia Perez-Orselli SCR '13
Kanupriya Rungta '14