October 17, 84

Vol. iii , No. 04   

The Biography
Thursday, October 25, 1984

Editor and publisher, John Dodds has pursued the ultimate liberal arts career and you have a chance to learn how it was achieved Thursday, October 25.

As an editor Dodds has worked on the memoirs of Lyndon B. Johnson, Bette Davis, Sterling Hayden, David Niven, and others. These achievements require research, interviewing, and technical skills as well as poignant and practical command of the written language. Currently, Mr. Dodds is the publisher of Belvedere Books.

His long career as an editor and publisher and his marriage to Vivian Vance, the late actress who for many years co-starred with Lucille Ball on the "I Love Lucy" show, have given him remarkably wide-ranging friendships in the worlds of politics and show business. He is a great raconteur who delights with tales of events and escapades in the lives of the famous people he has known and worked with.


Homecoming 1984 is just around the corner. And in order to properly prepare for this extravaganza, Harald the Great is cooking up a special Homecoming Feast. Now this ain't just any old feast ... it is THE FEAST! Here's the scoop: Friday, October 26th at 6:00 ... limited to the first 200 reservations (so get yours now!)...without a doubt, its the place to see and be seen ... be there in your favorite maroon and gold!

Jewish-Christian Relations in Germany Today: A New Epoch
Wednesday, October 31, 1984

Rolf Rendtorff, a German theologian and international lecturer, will discuss the course and status of Jewish-Christian relations in Germany today. Rendtorff has studied at the University of Heidelberg, the Kirchlich Hochschule in Berlin, and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He is co-founder of the German-Israel Society and the German-Israel Association for Peace in the Middle East. Rendtorff has published over eight works in 20 years and has edited 3 publications about the relationship between the religions from WWII to the present. His lecture will be preceded by a 5:30 reception and 6:00 dinner on Wednesday, October 31.


Will Shakespeare's influence ever wane? Not as long as there are witch costumes and All Hallow's Eve parties to be had (not to mention an editor who is a literature major)! The tradition will be kept alive for at least one more year at the First Annual Athenaeum Costume Dinner Party, Wednesday, October 31, 1984.

Rent a costume from a local shop, come up with your own ghastly creation, or just make an extra trip to to the linen service next week. The motley Athenaeum crew has an evening of black and orange decor, tantalizing treats, and D.J.-dancing all arranged for you. Dinner will be served at 6:00. Sign up by Friday, October 26, 1984.


So, you think you've got a lot of talent, but you just can't seem to find the right medium? This could be your lucky break! Participate in the Second Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest sponsored by the M.M.C. Athenaeum on Halloween Day from 3-4:30. We provide the pumpkins, you try to win a prize. Last year's winner was a Popeye caricature: if you think you can beat that or if you're looking for a little creative outlet--be in the Athenaeum courtyard on Halloween Day. All carvings will be used for centerpieces at the evening festivities.


Yes, I'm back to haunt you with the same old message. The faculty is sure to get offended if those personal invites to munch on spice cakes and brownies don't start coming in soon. Student participation at the 3:00-4:30 teas has been wonderful. BUT, don't forget the Athenaeum is a comfortable place to discuss that upcoming term-paper or the finer points of that last lecture. Invite a professor or a student from another campus. Let's have a little diversity, eh?


Neon lights are hardly necessary to encourage sign-ups in fact, neither is this trite little paragraph. The next brunch will be Sunday, November 4, 1984. Sign up immediately to beat the carnivorous crowd!