A Conversation with mothers2mothers Mentor Mother Tlalane Phafoli and Marie-Jos?e Kravis: New Video Tells Inspiring Story of How 2012 Kravis Prize Winner m2m is Saving Lives in South Africa

A new video featuring a mentor mother who helps HIV/AIDS-infected women like herself save the lives and health of their babies, conveys the dramatic success that 2012 Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership recipient mothers2mothers has had with its HIV treatment clinics across sub-Saharan Africa.

The six-minute video is a conversation between m2m Mentor Mother Tlalane Phafoli and Marie-Jos?e Kravis, selection committee chair for the Kravis Prize, and Senior Fellow, the Hudson Institute. In her own words, and through the moving images of women patients and their babies lined up for treatment at the clinics, Phafoli describes how mothers2mothers works to save scores of lives, through the simple administration of pills. Whereas babies born with HIV/AIDS was a “daily occurrence” at the clinic where she works, nowin the two-and-a-half years since mother2mothers’ interventiononly two babies at that same location have been born with HIV/AIDS. “That is not because of chance,” Phafoli says. “That is because of care.”

According to mothers2mothers, in resource-rich countries, 98 percent of babies are born HIV-negative. In resource-poor countriesin the absence of tests and treatment40 percent of children are infected.

Watch the video to learn more about Phafoli’s story, and how mothers2mothers is preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV through the treatment, education, and support of pregnant women and new mothers.