CMC’s Forum Publishes Series on History of Claremont McKenna College

For the first time, the history of Claremont McKenna College has been brought online by the Forum, the official student publication of Claremont McKenna College. In a five-part series, the Forum will publish “The Analyst Papers,” named in honor of CMC’s first student newspaper, The Analyst.

In 1996, California historian Kevin Starr was commissioned by the Board of Trustees to write a book commemorating the College’s first fifty years. His work, Commerce and Civilization: Claremont McKenna College, 1946-1996,” was an invaluable source in this series. Additionally, the Offices of Development and Alumni Relations provided key support to Forum staff for this project.

The series will be published on a weekly basis; this page will be updated once the articles are published on the Forum website.

Part I: The Founding: An Idea, Long Before a College

Part II: CMC’s Conservative Heart

Part III: The Challenge of the Campus

Part IV: Claremont Men’s College, with Women

Part V: Our Place in the Liberal Arts