Faculty Experts Available For Comment On State Of The Union Address

Abbreviated biographical sketches:

John J. Pitney, Ph.D. (909) 607-4224
Professor of Government. Pitney is author of The Art of Political Warfare (Univ. of Oklahoma Press) and has served as deputy and acting director of research for the Republican National Committee and on the staff of then-Rep. Dick Cheney. Areas of Expertise: American Politics, California Politics, Congress, Electoral Politics, Government and the Environment, Presidency, California Politics.

Fredrick Lynch, Ph.D. (909) 607-3799
Associate Professor of Government. Lynch is the author of Invisible Victims: White Males and the Crisis of Affirmative Action and The Diversity Machine. Areas of Expertise: Affirmative Action/Diversity, Baby Boom Generation, Diversity Management, Health Care Policies, Inequality and Public Policy.

Edward Haley, Ph.D. (909) 607-3803
Professor of Government. Haley is a nationally recognized expert on US-Middle East policy and terrorism. Areas of Expertise: American Foreign Policy, Arms Reduction, Japan, Pacific Rim, Political Advertising, Politics of Oil, Democratic Party.

Mark Blitz, Ph.D. (909) 607-3232
Professor of Government and Chair of the CMC Government department, Blitz has served as senior staff member for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, associate director of the United States Information Agency, and the vice president for research for the Hudson Institute. Area of Expertise: American Foreign Policy.

Peter Skerry, Ph.D. (909) 607-2811
Skerry is the author of Mexican Americans: The Ambivalent Minority, which was awarded the 1993 Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and Counting on the Census?: Race, Group Identity, and the Evasion of Politics. Areas of Expertise: urban politics, racial and ethnic minorities, and public policy.

Roderic Camp, Ph.D. (909) 607-4138
McKenna Professor of the Pacific Rim and director of the Hewlett Foundation project on “Democracy Through Mexican Lenses,” Camp is the author of 20 books on Mexico. Areas of Expertise: Latin America, Pacific Rim, U.S./Latin American concepts of democracy.