Golf Digest Rates CMC

Golf Digest recently ranked CMC seventh in the nation among all colleges and universities in the category of Academics First for men’s golf. The publication examined four key categories: academics, climate, coach/facilities and golf performance.

Peer institution rankings include: Pomona College (eighth), Williams College (10th), Harvard University (11th), Harvey Mudd College (14th), Cornell University (18th), and Dartmouth (19th) and Amherst (24th) colleges. Emory, Princeton, and Yale universities ranked first, second, and third, respectively.

“I am pleased that we were included at the top end of this ranking,” said Mike Sutton, CMS director of athletics and physical education. “I believe we are good at balancing the rigors of athletics and academics, with an eye toward the future. We have room to improve, and I’m happy that we are seen as offering quality in both arenas. I’m sure our golfers will continue to make us proud on the course and in the classroom.”

As part of its rankings process, Golf Digest categorized the abilities and priorities of student golfers as: Golf First, (reserved for the best junior players and aspiring professional athletes); Academics First, (for junior players who are excellent students first, and golfers second); and Balanced, (for junior players who are looking for first-class golf as well as a quality education). Within each category, the values of the ratings in academics, climate, coach/facilities, and golf performance were weighted to correspond with what student-golfers are looking for.

In response to CMC’s placement, head CMS golf coach Bim Jollymour, quoted a former student athlete who once said, Participating in athletics at CMC and keeping up with the academic load is like drinking out of a fire hose.’

“For us,” says Jollymour, “it’s classroom first, golf course second. We are pleased to be playing in one of the premier Division III golf conferences in the country.”

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