Jay Conger Speaks to Leadership Studies at CMC

Jay Conger joined the faculty last semester as the inaugural Kravis Research Professor in Leadership Studies. Endowed by Trustee Henry R. Kravis ’67, the new Kravis Chair at CMC provides interaction with students within the classroom experience, as well as research opportunities through the Kravis Leadership Institute.

Here, Conger speaks to leadership studies at CMC:

The Partnership of Liberal Arts and Leadership Studies

“The Kravis Leadership Institute is uniquely positioned at the forefront of best practices for leadership educators. First and foremost, CMC actively selects students who have demonstrated leadership in their activities prior to joining us. Second, CMC and KLI are dedicated to education as a top priority. The small class sizes, an institute staffed by leadership scholars and educators, and a college culture emphasizing high-quality teaching all foster an environment where students can actively learn to develop their leadership capabilities.

“Many other programs have one of these strengths, such as selecting students with leadership experience, but few combine that with a culture and faculty dedicated to the development of genuine leadership talent. Distinguished visitors, renowned leaders in their walks of life, also help this powerful mix. In other words, we bring role models for our students of the wide range of leaders one can become.”

His Role as the New Kravis Chair…

“I see my role at KLI as several-fold. One is to be a source of guidance for students in what it takes to lead well: to inspire students to want to develop into exceptional leaders in whatever career paths they choose. Also, my research will contribute to deepening our understanding of what it takes to lead, especially in a dynamic and complex world. I see it contributing to the classroom, to the world of managers and executives, and to the field of leadership.”

…and as Partner in KLI’s Progress

“I envision playing a leadership role at KLI, working with my colleagues to continue a tradition of outstanding leadership education at CMC in all facets of the term ‘education.’ The future of leadership studies is extremely promising and bright.”

Learning More about Leading

“While we have gained great insights into what it takes to lead well, there are still important areas of leadership that are poorly understood. We still have much to understand in terms of teaching leadership and its long-term development. How do organizations facilitate or hinder the expression of leadership? Why do certain talented leaders opt out of leading?”

Leadership for Life

“The requirements of leadership are shifting. What we know about leadership from yesterday may be less relevant tomorrow. This means new opportunities for study are always presenting themselves. A great future for leadership studies lies ahead.”