Kravis Kicks Off 1st Annual Sophomore Leadership Program

The Kravis Leadership Institute will host its first leadership development retreat for all incoming sophomores from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1. The inaugural program, the Sophomore Leadership Experience, includes both on- and off-campus group activities designed to promote personal and group leadership skills.

Students will meet on campus Wednesday, Aug. 29, then leave by bus the following day, Thursday, for the Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center by Big Bear, for off-site activities. Sophomore Leadership Experience coordinator Jessica Briggs ’03 says participants should not only plan to work in many dynamic group environments, but also lead themselves through challenging, individual activities such as low and high ropes courses. The ropes courses, operated by Lodestone Adventures, Inc., include various obstacles that safely allow participants to take calculated risks, while suspended by harnesses and ropes 20-30 feet above the grounda wonderful exercise in self-challenge and group development, Briggs says.

Participant Shawna-Kay Chambers says that building strong leadership qualities is an aspect that attracted her to CMC, “and the idea that as the class of 2010 we can be leaders in a new experience is both exciting and invigorating,” she says. “This experience will truly be rewarding and give me a new outlook and method to become a better leader.”

Throughout the activities, Class of 2010 participants will be given feedback to assist their leaning and development processes. Students will return to CMC on Saturday, Sept. 1 for a closing panel discussion from 1 to 2 p.m., featuring President Pamela Gann, Vice President for Student Affairs Jeff Huang, Registrar Elizabeth Morgan, and CMS Director of Athletics Mike Sutton.

The Sophomore Leadership Experience is sponsored by the Kravis Leadership Institute and the Dean of Students Office.

Briggs says the program is expected to become an annual tradition for all sophomores, just like the Wilderness Orientation Adventure serves as a valuable, off-campus icebreaker for incoming freshmen. About 30 students are expected to attend the new program this month, but organizers are hoping to at least double that number next year.

“I feel that this trip is exactly what I have been looking for, in regard to developing stronger leadership skill,” says sophomore Dilcia Loomis. “Management-engineering majors are known to graduate from their second school and go almost directly to taking charge and managing people in their specified field of interest. I’m looking for any experiences that will help me be better prepared for my future.”

“Sophomores are at a really crucial point in their CMC education,” adds Briggs, “and currently there are no programs dedicated to CMCers entering their second year of college. This program is designed to teach students more about who they are, identify their preferences, and provide some of the self-leadership tools they’ll need to prepare for their junior and senior years, as well as life after college.”

For more information, contact Jessica Briggs: 909-607-4162, or extension 74162.

Peter Jung ’10