Professor Emeritus Meg Mathies Elected Alumna Trustee at Alma Mater


Joint Science Department veteran Meg Mathies, who retired in 2002 after 37 years at The Claremont Colleges, has been elected an alumna trustee at her alma mater, Colorado College, where she earned her bachelor’s degree.

Mathies, who has been living in London while conducting research in immunology at the London Research Institute of Cancer Research, held the Sidney J. Weinberg chair in natural science during her years in Joint Science. She joined the faculty in 1965, one year after the department’s founding, and her coursework over the following decades including introductory biology, human heredity and reproduction, immunology, genetics, and bioethics.

A native of Colorado Springs, Mathies says she discovered a love for biology during her years at Colorado College. ” It was there that I also discovered my passion for teaching,” Mathies says, “as I had the opportunity to serve as a tutor and lab teaching assistant. Those things came together and I decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life.”