Professor Espinosa to Edit for Columbia Religion Series

Gast?n Espinosa, assistant professor of religious studies, has been appointed the lead editor of the Columbia University Press Series on Religion and Politics. Espinosa, who began his new duties on May 1, 2007, is joined by his co-editor, Chester Gillis of Georgetown University.

Two to four manuscripts will be accepted annually through a comprehensive review process. Of particular interest, Espinosa says, will be manuscripts that explore the impact of religion on American and transnational global politics in 10 identifiable subfields including “Religion and American Politics,” “Religion and the American Presidency,” “Church-State Debates,” “African American, Latino, and Racial-Ethnic Religions and Politics,” and “Islam and Politics.”

Espinosa is the author of Latino Religions and Civic Activism in the United States (Oxford, 2005), Rethinking Latino(a) Religion and Identity (Pilgrim Press, 2006), and the forthcoming Religion and the American Presidency (Columbia University Press, 2008). He was a Northwestern University Andrew Mellon Fellow and a Dartmouth College C?sar Ch?vez Fellow. He is a graduate of Princeton Seminary and Harvard University and received his doctorate from the University of California at Santa Barbara.