Professor Ron Riggio Featured in CNN Story, Responding to Presidential Campaign Tactics

A story filed Aug. 8 by CNN’s Hallmah Abdullah takes aim at the fudging of facts thatwhile common to political racesseem to be running amok in this year’s presidential campaign. For the piece, Abdullah turned to CMC’s Ron Riggio, the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology, and regular blogger for Psychology Today.

“The presidential campaigns are blowing smoke so thick that some voters are having a hard time peering through it,” Abdullah writes in his opening lines.

And this very tactic, experts such as Riggio say, is an old and deliberate one used successfully by both political parties.

“Politicians are very careful to not make definitive statements that can be disproven easily,” Riggio says at the top of the story. “They speak in generalities typically, so that what they say is not completely false, or has room for conjecture.

“There is a ‘trusting bias’ such that people are inclined to believe more than disbelieve,” Riggio continues. “There is also a sort of apathy or ‘cognitive laziness’ where many don’t do the scrutinizing necessary to try to determine if something is a truth or lie. They don’t question, don’t bother to fact-check.”

Read the full story, Campaign 2012: Smoke and mirrors or outright lies, online.