Rose Institute’s Doug Johnson Featured on NBC 4 to Discuss New Redistricting Maps

Rose Institute for State and Local Government Fellow Doug Johnson ’92 was featured on NBC 4’s “News Conference” on Sunday, June 12, discussing just-released draft maps of the new congressional and state legislative districts. Hosted by political reporter Conan Nolan, Johnson was joined on the topic by Redistricting Commissioner Maria Blanco.

Watch the full conversation here.

Johnson on Sunday agreed the draft maps are a “game-changer” for this state. “This is a huge change for California,” he said, noting the potential for new political seats and faces. Speaking to the importance of the maps, “Ultimately,” he said, “redistricting is about power. And so politicians and the parties care. But that power has policy-implications. When it comes to transportation priorities, education prioritiesall these (things) are impacted by redistricting, where the lines are drawn, and what communities are the focus of each district.”