Third Annual Women and Leadership Workshop

The Third Annual Women and Leadership Workshop was a tremendous success for students, faculty, and guests alike. Sponsored by the Women and Leadership Alliance, this workshop brought together remarkable and successful female leaders in fields ranging from law, to the social sector, to finance, entrepreneurship, medicine, and more.
Students participated in an informal round table discussion with each of the leaders, allowing them to ask the guests real questions, and the hosts to give candid answers. The participants were extremely receptive to the advice and conversation, remarking that they were able to ask the questions they might not otherwise be comfortable asking in a more formal setting.
After the morning workshop, attendees transitioned to the Athenaeum for the lunch and keynote presentation by Jennifer Waggoner 95, President of the League of Women Voters of California. Her presentation was extremely engaging and thought provoking. Ms. Waggoner shared her personal experiences of leadership which were sincere, endearing, and inspiring. She passed the microphone around to the audience, asking them to share their own personal experiences, moments of breakdown, and moments of success. Ms. Waggoner left the students with the idea that they are the future movers and shakers, and should look to the other female leaders as mentors and sources of guidance throughout their personal and professional lives.
This event was a collaboration between the Kravis Leadership Institute, the Berger Institute for Work, Family and Children and The Robert Day School of Economics and Finance, the three founding members of the Women and Leadership Alliance.
Photos from the event can be viewed here.