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A Very Small Sample of Some Things That Our Alumni Are Doing

Some serve in politics, government:, and policy analysis:

Abhi Nemani `10 -- Chief Data Officer, City of Los Angeles

Kris Anderson `06 -- Director of Research, Republican National Committee

Brandi Hoffine, `06, Assistant Press Secretary, White House

Harry Kruglik `01 -- Speechwriter, Secretary of Homeland Security

Ethan Jones `00 -- Chief Consultant, California State Assembly Elections & Redistricting Committee

Chase Huntley `98 -- Renewable Energy Director, The Wilderness Society
Elizabeth Wydra `98 -- Chief Counsel, Constitutional Accountability Center
Larry E. André, Jr. `83 -- US Ambassador to Mauritania
Henry Olsen `83 -- Senior Fellow, Ethics & Public Policy Center

Daniel Yohannes `76 --  US Ambassador to the OECD

Father Patrick Conroy, S.J., `72, Chaplain, US House of Representatives.


Some enter academia:


Matthew Grossmann `01 -- associate professor, Michigan State University

H. Abbie Erler, `00 -- associate professor, Kenyon College

Andrew Orr `99 -- assistant professor, Sam Houston State University

Kathryn Pearson `93 -- associate professor, University of Minnesota

Vincent Phillip Muñoz  `93 -- associate professor, Notre Dame

Darren Schreiber `92 -- assistant professor, University of California, San Diego

Amy Black `91 -- associate professor, Wheaton College

R.J. Pestritto `90 -- Dean of the Graduate School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College

Richard Fox `89 -- professor, Loyola Marymount University

Lucas Morel `87 -- professor, Washington & Lee University

Matthew Spalding `86 -- dean of educational programs, Hillsdale College in DC

John Ray `79 -- associate professor, Xavier University

Ben Smith `72 -- associate professor, University of Florida

Some go into journalism: 

Tina Nguyen `11 -- reporter, Mediate

Michael Wilner `11 -- Washington bureau chief, The Jerusalem Post

Elise Viebeck, `10 -- reporter, The Hill

Brendan Sasso `10 -- reporter, National Journal

Sahil Kapur `09 -- reporter, Talking Points Memo

Helena Bottemiller Evich `09 -- reporter, Politico -- see BBC interview and profile in USA Today

Cameron Joseph `08 -- reporter, The Hill

David Enrich `01 -- reporter, Wall Street Journal

Lori Kozlowski, `00, writer, Forbes

Steve Grove, `00  --  head of news and politics at YouTube

Lisa Kubota `98 -- anchor, reporter, Hawaii News Now, KGMB9, Honolulu

Michael Shear `90 -- White House Correspondent, New York Times

Ken LaCorte `87 -- senior vice president & executive producer,

Leonard Apcar `75 -- chief editor for Asia, International Herald Tribune

Some are candidates or elected officeholders

Nathaniel Tsai `17 -- candidate, California State Assembly

Craig McPherson `06 -- member, Kansas House of Representatives.

Adam Rush `03 -- mayor, Eastvale, California

Tyler Olson `98 -- member, Iowa House

Jake Zimmerman `96 -- St. Louis County Assessor-- see campaign ad

Matt Monforton `91 -- candidate, Montana House

Steve Bullock `88  Governor of Montana (campaign site)

Ken Cheuvront `83 -- member, Arizona State Senate

Johnny Ellis `82 -- member, Alaska State Senate

Mike Feuer `80 -- Los Angeles City Attorney (campaign site)

Simon Salinas `78 -- Monterey supervisor, former member, State Assembly



Updated 4 September 2014

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