Number Theory Working Seminar

We are running a working number theory group seminar. The current group members are:

Lenny Fukshansky (CMC)
David Krumm (CMC)
Hiren Maharaj
Michael Mei (Pomona)
John Shaughnessy (CMC)
Xun Sun (CGU)
Arvind Suresh (CMC)

The current topic for the Spring 2014 semester is Lattices and Codes. The seminar is currently led by
Hiren Maharaj and our goal is to get through the first two chapters of Ebeling's book.

The topic for the Fall 2013 semester was Rational Points on Curves.
The seminar was led by David Krumm, and the goal was to learn some basic arithmetic geometry with a potential view
towards the paper of McCallum and Poonen on the
method of Chabauty and Coleman.
Here is some of the reading we have done:

1. Mordell's paper on height bounds for points on conics
2. Legendre's theorem on zeros of ternary quadratic forms
3. Cassels' theorem on small zeros of quadratic forms

 The topic for the Spring 2013 semester was Introduction to the Arithmetic of Function Fields.
The seminar was led by Hiren Maharaj, who took us through parts of Stichtenoth's famous book.