Mark Blitz


1996 - present Fletcher Jones Professor of Political Philosophy,
Claremont McKenna College. Concurrently: Director of Research (1996-2004); Chair, Department of Government, (1999-2004; 2007-9); Director, Salvatori Center for the Study of Individual Freedom (2008-

1994 - 1996 Provost ad Interim, Adelphi University.

1989 - 1994 Vice President for Programs, Hudson Institute (1991-1994): head of Hudson’s research on education, domestic politics, and national security. Director of Political and Social Studies (1989-1991)

1986 - 1989 Associate Director, United States Information Agency (USIA). (The United States Government's senior official responsible for managing, coordinating, and setting policy for our international education and exchange programs.)

1985 - 1986 Senior Professional Staff Member, Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate.

1983 - 1985 Director, Office of Private Sector Programs, United States Information Agency.

1981 - 1983 Assistant Director, ACTION (the federal government agency for volunteer programs).

1973 - 1981 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA: Assistant Professor of Political Science (1973-1980); Director, Exxon Education Program and Lecturer in Political Science (1980-1981).

1970 - 1973 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA: Henry La Barre Jayne Assistant Professor of Government and Head Tutor in Government.

Concurrently with other positions, I have also taught at Georgetown University and Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis. Most recently I have been a Visiting Professor of Government at Harvard University, Spring 2001, and a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Summer, 2009. I am also an adjunct fellow at the Claremont Institute.


1962 - 1966 A.B. in Government, Harvard University, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa.

1966 - 1971 Ph.D. in Political Science, Harvard University.
(Thesis: Plato's Statesman)


Books: Plato’s Political Philosophy, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010; Duty Bound: Responsibility and American Public Life, Rowman and Littlefield, 2005; Educating the Prince, Rowman and Littlefield, 2000 (edited together with William Kristol, and including the first chapter, "Modern Virtue"); Heidegger's "Being and Time" and the Possibility of Political Philosophy, Cornell University Press, 1981.

Articles: “What Conservatism Retains,” Policy Review, June 2010; “Are America’s Political Principles Universal?, Perspectives on Political Science, Volume 4, 2009; “The Common Sense of Practical Knowledge,” The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy, Fall, 2007; “Heidegger’s Understanding of Plato” in Socrates, 2007 (edited by Ann Ward); “Philosophy as a Way of Life: Harvey Mansfield, An Appreciation,” Humanitas, May/June, 2007 (reprinted in The Arts of Rule, edited by Sharon Krause and Mary Ann McGrail, 2009); “Tyranny, Ancient and Modern” in Confronting Tyranny, 2006 (edited by Toivo Koivukoski and David Edward Tabachnick; a Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title, 2006); “The Media We Deserve,” The Public Interest, Spring, 2005 (reprinted in Annual Editions: American Government, McGraw Hill, 36th and 37th eds., ); “Liberal Education and Liberalism,” The Good Society, 2004; “Leo Strauss’ Understanding of Modernity,” Perspectives on Political Science, Fall, 2004; “Taking Public Diplomacy Seriously,” American Outlook, Spring 2004; “Responsibility and Biotechnology” (and preface to a Symposium on Biotechnology), Perspectives on Political Science, Spring, 2003 (Reprinted in ReVision, Spring, 2003); “Responsibility and Foreign Affairs” in The Next American Century, Essays in Honor of Richard G. Lugar, 2003 (edited by Jeffrey T. Bergner); "Basic Issues in Kant's Moral and Political Thought" (and preface to a Symposium on Kant Studies), Political Science Reviewer, 2001; “Heidegger and the Political,” Political Theory, April, 2000; “Liberal Freedom and Responsibility” in Public Morality, Civic Virtue, and the Problem of Modern Liberalism, 2000 (edited by T. William Boxx & Gary Quinlaven); "The Statesmanship of the Gathering Storm" Churchill Proceedings (1996-7), 2000; Plato’s Republic, (Gould Research Institute monograph), 1999; “Government Practice in the School of Strauss,” in Leo Strauss, the Straussians, and the American Regime, 1999 (edited by John Murley and Kenneth Deutsch); “Public Philosophy,” The Good Society, Spring 1998; “Responsibility and Public Service” in Active Duty, 1998 (edited by Peter Lawler, David Schaefer and Robert Schaefer); “Philanthropy and Public Needs,” in Giving Better, Giving Smarter, National Commission on Philanthropy and Civic Renewal, 1997; “How To Think About Politics and Culture,” Political Science Reviewer, 1996; "Heidegger and Postmodernism," Perspectives on Political Science, 1995; "Plato's Alcibiades I," Interpretation, Spring, 1995; "Heidegger's Nietzsche (Part II)", Political Science Reviewer, 1994; "Heidegger's Nietzsche (Part I)", Political Science Reviewer, 1993; "Strauss' Laws," Political Science Reviewer, 1991; "The Problem of Practice--Foreign Policy and the Constitution" in Foreign Policy and the Constitution, American Enterprise Institute Press, 1990; "Letter from America: President Bush's Foreign Policy," Government and Opposition, 1990; "The Character of Executive and Legislative Power in a Regime Based on Natural Rights" in The Revival of Constitutionalism, University of Nebraska Press, 1988; "Public Diplomacy and the Private Sector" in Public Diplomacy, Hoover Institution Press, 1986; "Radical Historicism and the Meaning of Natural Right," Modern Age, Spring/Summer 1984; "The Habermas Phenomenon," The Public Interest, Spring 1983; "Human Rights Policy and the Doctrine of Natural Rights" in Human Rights and American Foreign Policy, Kenyon Public Affairs Conference Center, 1981; "The Place of the Liberal Arts," Intercollegiate Review, 1979; "A Note on the Meaning of Nature and the Question of Natural Right," ERA, 1979; "An Introduction to the Reading of Plato's Laches," Interpretation, 1975; "Nietzsche and Political Science," Symposium, 1974.

Review Articles: Recent work includes: “Equality and Servility,” The Weekly Standard, September 20, 2010; “How to Read Plato,” Claremont Review of Books, Spring, 2010; “Natural Reich,” The Weekly Standard, February 8, 2010; “The Abstract Art,” The Weekly Standard, January 26, 2009, “One for All,” The Weekly Standard, December 22, 2008; “To See Ourselves,” The Weekly Standard, June 16, 2008; “Reply to Brand and Lenzner (discussions of Duty Bound), The Good Society, 16.1, 2007; “Melancholy Liberalism,” The Weekly Standard, December 10, 2007; “The Broad Ground of Courage,” Claremont Review of Books, Winter, 2007; “Comments on The Roots of Evil,” The Good Society 15.2 (2006); “Hamilton’s Virtue,” The Weekly Standard, December 11, 2006; “Giving Honor Its Due,” Claremont Review of Books, Fall, 2006; “On Plato’s Terms,” The Weekly Standard, June 5, 2006; “Involuntary Associations,” Claremont Review of Books, Fall, 2005; “Forms of Government,” Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, 2005; “Reading Heidegger,” Claremont Review of Books, Summer, 2005; “Martin Heidegger,” Encyclopedia of Science, Technology and Ethics, 2005; “The Media We Deserve,” The Public Interest, Spring, 2005; “From the Top,” Claremont Review of Books, Winter, 2004; “Life, Liberty and the Defense of Human Nature,” Claremont Review of Books, Fall, 2003; "The Political Responsibility of Intellectuals," Claremont Review of Books, Fall, 2002; "Kaplan's War," The National Interest, Spring, 2002; "Public Interest" in the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2001; "Understanding Heidegger," The Public Interest, September, 2001

Conference Papers and Lectures (selected): Recent work includes: “Responsibility and Conservatism” Hoover Institution, 2009, 2010; “Can America’s Founding Principles Be Exported?” Christopher Newport College, 2009; “Heidegger and Plato” Siemens Foundation, 2008; “Duty Bound: Responsibility and American Public Life”: Author Meets Critics Panel, New England Political Science Association Meeting, Spring, 2006; “Churchill on America” (Library of Congress conference, 2004); “Responsibility and Technology” (delivered at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, 2003); "Locke's Doctrine of Human Action" (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association convention, 2002); "Churchill's River War and the Nature of War" (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association convention, 2002); "Responsibility and Biotechnology" (paper delivered at the Salvatori Center conference on Biotechnology, 2002); "Hegel and Progressivism" (paper delivered at the Salvatori Center conference on Progressivism, April, 2000); “Strauss and Modernity” (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association convention, 1999); “Heidegger and the Political,” (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association, 1997); “What Is Living and What Is Dead in Communitarianism” (talk delivered at the American Political Science Association convention, 1996); “Freedom, Ancient and Modern” (paper delivered at the 25th anniversary conference of the Salvatori Center, Claremont McKenna College, 1996); "Modern Virtues" (paper delivered at the American Political Science Association Convention, 1994); "Responsible Self Interest and the Common Good" (paper delivered at Kenyon College, January 1994); "Self Interest and Responsibility," (paper delivered at Harvard University, October, 1993); "Responsible Gridlock: Policy Making in the Reagan Era and Beyond" (paper delivered at Brandeis University, October, 1993); "Politics in Heidegger's Later Works" (paper delivered at the Northeastern Political Science Association meeting, April, 1993)


American Political Science Association Award for Outstanding Teaching (2008), Crocker Award for Merit, Claremont McKenna College (2007); Phi Beta Kappa; Earhart Foundation Fellowships; NDEA Title IV Fellowship; Harvard University scholarships; three-time nominee, Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Pennsylvania; various awards for work in international education exchange.


Current: Political Science Reviewer; Society of Scholars, James Madison Program, Princeton University; Children’s Education Center of Claremont; Delba Winthrop Prize committee; Adjunct Fellow: Claremont Institute; Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, 2009-2010

Past: J. William Fulbright Board of Foreign Scholarships, United States Government (GHW Bush Administration); Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education, Department of Education (GHW Bush Administration); Interpretation


Married, two sons.

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Upland, California 91784

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