Photo Contest - Spring 2012

Grand Prize:
Catherine Raney
SIT Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization & Change
Homestay Family in TinTin
Second Prize – People:
Masako “Koko” Huang
Duke OTS- Public Health
Kids at the Clinic in Costa Rica

Second Prize- Places:
Kathryn Browning
SIT Chile: Social, Economic & Political Transformation
Chilean Andes
Second Prize – Stories:
Alexandra Bergonia
CIEE University of Cape Town,
South Africa
African Boat
Third Prize – People:
Emma MacFarlane
SIT Madagascar: National Identity & Social Change
with Children & Chickens
Third Prize – Places:
MacKenzie Ruoff
DIS Copenhagen, Denmark
Third Prize – Stories:
Riley Thomlison
IES Buenos Aires, Argentina
Glacier Trekking in
El Calafate Patagonia