The Claremont Colleges Operations and Maintenance Program - Asbestos. Appendix (A) Sample Notification

In general, buildings constructed prior to 1979 are likely to contain asbestos containing building materials or ACBM's. This asbestos may be found in both surfacing materials, such as fireproofing, spray on ceilings, tile floors and mastics, etc., or in thermal system insulation, such as pipe insulation and wrappings. Over the years, as renovations have occurred, a number of ACBM's have been removed or encapsulated by trained specialists.

As ACBM's are identified, they are placed on a cumulative list for periodic inspection and maintenance until removed in an abatement process. Our operations and maintenance plan is also routinely updated to provide current information for the proper care of these materials.

Asbestos has been identified by the USEPA and the State of California as a carcinogen and is a commercial term applied to a number of silicate minerals that readily separate into thin, strong, flexible fibers. Please note intact and maintained ACBM's do not create an unsafe condition unless disturbed. Drilling, boring, hammering, or otherwise disturbing ACBM's may present a health risk by causing asbestos fibers to be released where they can be inhaled or ingested.

The California Health and Safety Code requires building owners, who have knowledge of the presence of ACBM's to provide notice of this knowledge to employees and other occupants. Accordingly, a summary of ACBM's by building is attached.

We believe that immediate correction of hazardous conditions, the removal of ACBM's during future renovations and the effective use of the operations and maintenance program will provide an asbestos-safe campus environment.