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These links are ways to obtain information.  They do not constitute a college endorsement .  Organizations frequently change their procedures and structures, often without revising their web pages.  Therefore, I can make no guarantees about the accuracy of the information on these pages.  Before applying, double-check by phone, e-mail, or postal mail. Once you have looked at the internship information, you can find more information about the office by clicking "return to home page" or "main menu." You may also look at the political sites on my home page.

The internships below may be available either to participants in the CMC Washington Semester Program or to students pursuing summer internships. This list does not exhaust the range of possible internships. Many organizations that accept interns do not have formal internship programs, or have not yet listed them on a Web site. Consult hard-copy resources.   Also see Experience Washington, the blog of the DC program.

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Again, double-check any information that you find online: these are merely links and we can provide no guarantees about the accuracy of the material or the suitability of any of these internships. If any of these links fail, or if you have suggestions, please email me by clicking my name below.
John J. Pitney, Jr., Professor of Government, Claremont McKenna College

Congress (click here for information on the House and Senate).

General Directories

National Security, Intelligence, Homeland Security


General Government




International Relations -- General


International Relations -- Regional


Economics, International Business & Finance


 Civil Rights, Immigration & Human Rights

Legal Issues

Women and Families





Health, Aging, Social Insurance


Science, Technology, and Communication


Education Policy


Environment and Animals



General Advocacy Groups & Think Tanks -- Liberal


General Advocacy Groups & Think Tanks - - Conservative and Free-Market

Nonpartisan or Moderate Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups

Arts, History, Humanities, Academics

Service Groups and Voluntarism



Consultants, Pollsters, Political Vendors


Parties & Campaigns


Broadcast Media


Print and Online Media




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